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The First Review

Note: The review is from PIEHOLE's official Blogger, Color Commentator, and Historian - PT Scarborough. PT could not post the review himself because:
"I locked myself out of my basement where I live. My Dad's off in Las Vegas probably wasting the good earned money he got from the government. Im locked out, on his shitty comp with low internet connection. Im so sad right now, all I want is my lappy...meaning also I lost my keys to my room somewhere in there"

PIEHOLE - 3.5 stars (out of 4)

I was never around to see the Great Wall of China being built, nor have I ever seen the Great Wall. I’ve never been to the Hanging Gardens, but I hear they’re really cute. No, no, no, I have also never seen an Elephant fly, and you know what I think about that?! That is complete BS and I hate Disney.
Except for “The Incredibles”, now there was a killer movie, wow!

Most people have probably read The Great Gatsby, but how many more of you didn’t and watched the movie instead?! Now I’m not saying that I didn’t read it, but all I am saying is that Robert Redford is a good looking man with his hair pulled back like that.

From Dirty South Improv and Be Dirty Pictures who brought you “Good & Plenty” comes the next best thing in cinematic history, “PIEHOLE“.

I’m sure that readers out there can already guess how I feel about this movie, but before I go into detail about the flick, let me tell you something about the plot.

What would you say to two semi homoerotic collegians on a hunger strike that drink some moonshine and steal car. Add in a little competitive eating with a fatherly coach and an ethnic confused Asian. Let it stir a while and then we sprinkle some Satanic worshippers who attack golfers with lemons and you get exactly what you’re expecting, movie magic.

PIEHOLE not only has a great story that at times may seem a little out there, but the chemistry between the characters is something to hold on to and cuddle.
Ramona “White Shoes” Chang (Diana Chang), with her coach, Anthony (Scott Jennings) take the competitive eating world by storm as we seen them training non stop to reach that ultimate goal…to eat 10 pizzas.

Ramona is the cutest and most lovable character to come around in years. She is dimwitted and weird, but you can’t help wanting to see more. With the movie’s 30 minute running time, you can’t help but to ask, “Why wasn’t she in every scene?” Yet the other characters are something to be seen.

Troy, the gay hunger strike activist portrayed very convincingly by Kit FitzSimons has the best intro into any movie I have seen. With his butt buddy (literally and un literally) Outlaw, played by Dave Siegel, they get into some trouble with bad moonshine that switches into a montage of bizarre dream like drunkenness. There friendship is funny when it comes down to Outlaw telling a story about snowflakes, and Troy always wanting to jump his bones.

We are also introduced to the oddly enough calm duo of Scarlet (Katy Jack) and Jude (Jasmynne Shaye). They love Satan, they love cooking, what more could you want from the perfect woman I ask you?!

This movie hits all the right points for those that don’t like to sit down long but love to laugh til they puke. I was at the screening so I got to meet the stars of the film. All I can say is that the actors are not at all like the characters, well, except for Scott Jennings, who I would love to see in an NBC sitcom next year that involves lovable roommates not getting along. “F.r.i.e.n.d.s 2”, let’s hope!

PIEHOLE makes you wonder of what will be next for Dirty South Pictures. PIEHOLE is far superior to “Good & Plenty”, so all I can predict is nothing but better films coming out of this small movie company.

PIEHOLE. Directed by Erik Martin & Zach Ward. Running Time: 30 Min. Rated NC-17.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

PIEHOLE: Day 1,000: The Post That Was Not

It’s been a long time coming, but finally at last, I have returned to give you all the download of what the world of PIEHOLE as been up to.

First I suppose I should say that I am sorry for not being around these past few weeks (feels longer? Maybe it is!). I have no excuse at all, not one!

Except for this. The following excuse is from “The Great Age of Excuses” by, Roy Loney.

"And they all with one consent began to make excuses"-Luke 14:18

The above quotation, is found in the Parable of the Great Supper. A man evidently of much prominence and wealth arranged a great supper and bade many guests to attend; but when the time arrived for the guests to attend, they all found what they believed excusable reasons for not attending.
What was said of the above persons could be said of mankind in general. God made man a free moral agent, and man rejoices in that freedom, but when he exercises that freedom to the injury of others he finds excuses which he thinks will exonerate him. When Adam and Eve sinned in Eden, each had an excuse. Adam blamed his wife and Eve blamed the Serpent; but it is an impressive fact that God accepted neither excuses, for both received the Lord's sentence. They had to suffer as a consequence of their misdeed.

So I think that explains it.


Anyways! How is the world of PIEHOLE, you ask?! Since the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday, Erik Martin and Zach Ward plus the ever hard working crew of PIEHOLE have been editing, creating special effects, and putting a soundtrack together that makes “The Lord of The Rings” look like, “The Lord of the Rings: Behind the Scenes (located on disc three of the Special five disc set)”

So now, let me take you back to a time of wonder, to a time of rather unusual warmth, back to the beginning of January.

It was a warm night on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. The cast was called to meet outside of The Bingham building, on the, I forget part of campus. I arrived wearing my new orange jacket that my Auntie Sue got for me for Jesus-Day. It’s the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen! With this great big ol’ zipper that makes the sound, “Zip” and OH.. MY.. GOD, my pockets are soooooo huge! I can put anything in them…

…..Ahem. And so it was. Along with my new “jacket”, I had my iPod, which I named Red Thunder. Lappy was on Stand By taking a nap, and so I waited. Ben Kibler was the first who showed up with his usual snack treat for everyone.
Before I go on. A little “telling” of what the scene to be shot was about is in order.

Taken from Senior Musical Analyst and Choreographer Ethan K’s blog, in his words, “The Rooster Prince”

The scene is a re-telling of the Hebrew tale of the Rooster Prince wherein a traveling rabbi (?) cures an insane prince of his delusions that he is a rooster. Christians get Jesus curing lepers, we Jews get a rich man who thinks he's poultry.

Thanks Ethan! For more info into the exciting life of the Big K just scroll down to the end of this page, or hell, fox trot it, here’s the link.

Now that you know, it will not be re-stated.

When Ben walked up to me, I was listening to Sheryl Crow’s “You Can’t Have Me on Tuesdays”. I turned around to see a blonde haired man throwing a box of “Coco Puffs” cereal at me! I caught it and laughed.

“Nice treat. Got any milk?” I asked. Kibler looked at my shoes for some reason and said, “Nope!”

“Well that’s cool. Still edible and edible is good!” I replied.

“It’s stale though”. Then Ben smiled like I had never seen a Human smile before and he started to run backwards and disappeared into the darkness!

Needless to say I was a little freaked out!

I kept listening to my music when Zack Bly showed up. Zack was sporting a great loose jacket that would make 98 Degrees proud.

We exchanged hello’s and then I got into a deep conversation about NES games for cheap, around the Triangle. That’s what happens when you talk to the Bly, you get into deep conversations.

I asked Zack if was hungry and he said he was. I held up the box of “Coco Puffs” and said, “Here you go. Help yourself!”

“To what?” he asked.

I then looked at my hands to see that nothing was there.

“Weird! Could of sworn…..”

“Hey, there’s Erik!” Bly pointed out
We looked at Erik Martin running towards us in a jogging suit! I was amazed! Erik was running! His leg must of felt lots better!

“Wow, hey Erik! Feeling better I see!” I said with excitement.

“Yeah I feel alright. My leg is still for shit, but check this out”. Erik lifted up the pant of his left leg to reveal a knee support, but it was made out of metal! I had never seen one like that before.

“Wow, you make that?!” Bly Asked.

“Yeah, something I’ve been working on since my first surgery. I figured I’d better test it out, just to see”

“You could make Millions if you sold that to someone!” I said.

“You kiddin? My love is the film, if I want to get rich quick and make millions without doing anything, I’d make a movie with Adam Sandler.”

I asked Erik if he had seen Ben.

“Ben who?” Erik asked.


“Again, who is that?”

“What? Ben Kibler, you know who I’m….”

“Hey there’s Zach Ward!” Erik shouted before I could finish my sentence.

Co-Director President Warden was walking slowly towards us. The Warden was playing with a yo-yo and he was remarkably good at it!

“It’s time to set up!” The Warden proclaimed.

There was a tight schedule for that night just to let you know. We only had from 9pm to about Eleven to finish this complicated scene. And John and Ethan hadn’t even shown up yet!

But alas, I speak too quickly. When we all entered Bingham, I heard the sound of sirens from outside. I left the building to check it out when I heard it again. It was most definitely the sirens of a police car and the screeching of some tires. Bingham was rather close to the road that goes through campus, but I still couldn’t believe that someone was either being chased by the police or the cops were just fucking around.

Soon Ethan K and new comer (at least to my eyes) Josh aka “Josh the Bassist” showed up with lots of equipment! I mean they had lots! I talked with Ethan about the noise I heard earlier and he just looked at me and said, “Don’t assume anything! You don’t know!”

He then ran to the bathroom. Josh walked towards me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry man. When’s he’s ready, he’ll tell you” Josh exclaimed.

Little did I know, that it was much more than Ethan having a panic attack. The next day Ethan told me of what had happened. You might want to read his experience on his blog.

But what you don’t know about, is the “Josh The Bassist Experience”

Supposedly while Ethan was being interrogated by one Officer, the other three Cops (There 4 total I believe, in four squad cars) was asking Josh about Music! And the scary part was, one Officer even asked Josh if he had a light! A Cop smoked a cigarette in front of the would-be criminal! Then they started to talk on their cell phones or something and they let Josh go. And I thought Ethan had a close call, but damn!

The shoot went on and so did Sheryl Crow in my ears.

Originally the “Rooster Prince” scene was to be filmed with 2 different actors portraying the Rabbi and Prince. But thanks to the brilliant minds of Martin and Ward, they decided to have Zach Bly portray both the characters! I didn’t see how it was possible! No movie magic, not even the best, could create two Bly’s! It was impossible!

Or was it?

I just have to say, that I will never doubt the minds of The Martin and Ward. For here is a screen test of “The Two Blys” located at BeDirty Pictures. You can scroll down to the link or

Also there is a screen test of “The Golf Scene” that I covered oh so many blogs ago

I just have to say, wow! Awesometown!

So all was wrapping up and the shoot was becoming another great success. I walked outside to have a cigarette and then I heard some laughing coming from behind me! I turned to see, but nothing was there! I was freaking out! I didn’t know what was going on!

I dropped my cig and ran inside the building. The Warden ran to me and saw that I looked a little pale.

“What’s wrong PT?” The Warden asked.

“I think I keep seeing things, hearing things. I saw Ben earlier and now its has if he’s a ghost or something!”
“Well it’s funny you say that”

“Why?” I asked pulling against Zach’s shirt.

“Cause Ben’s been dead for 20 years!”



Then I woke up to Zach Bly shaking me.

“Hey man. You were asleep”, he said.

“Was I? Was it all just a dream?”

Was it?

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Monday, January 17, 2005

PIEHOLE nears end of production

pictures of the penultimate PIEHOLE shoot

Monday, January 10, 2005

wriggled and jiggled and wiggled - part 2

We shot the opening credits sequence yesterday with assistant producer and actor LisaP. It transcended my wildest possible dreams.

Maybe it was because all four people at the shoot know each other real well, maybe it was because we were shooting in the kitchen of my parents' house, maybe it was because we all watched some of the Director's Label Series Boxed Set (which my sister helped design) before we started filming. For whatever reason, the scene was amazing, heightening what I originally had in mind by a factor of 10.

This is the kind of magic I had secretly and greedily dreamed of when I got the chance to make a movie with improvisers. I'd like to say more, but i don't want to ruin it for anyone, so I'll just say this, the opening credits of PIEHOLE will be like the opening credits of 7even but funny, and Lisa's performance will fucking blow people away!

buck naked man 1, campus cops 0

Amazing account from sounds maestro and keyboardist Ethan Kaye on his blog, How to Cook Everything, recounting some adventures after one night of PIEHOLE shooting.

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cold wet willie

Check out Assistant Director and actor Jon Fabris's great behind the scenes video:Good Weather for PIEHOLE

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